Verizon: SugarString failed; We’ll take AOL

Verizon is acquiring AOL for $4.4B. So even though SugarString failed – Verizon's tech "news" site where reporters were expressly forbidden from writing about American spying or net neutrality – it now owns The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and more. Major conflicts of interest? I'd say so It'll be a challenge for reporters at media outlets within AOL to argue that they'll in no … [Read more...]

Speak, Memory: Lucky Me


Editorial IV was born out of pure, unfiltered frustration. I felt trapped. My back was against the wall, so I reacted. It turned out to be one of the most important and impulsive decisions I’ve ever made. Since then, I’ve developed a deep sense of trust in my impulses, my instincts. They take care of me and I continue feeding them. I’d arrived in New York a year earlier, … [Read more...]

Make Believe

My friend Nick Lang and I filmed this from a Brooklyn rooftop with a DJI Inspire 1 video drone. He branded it with my company logo and we added Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of "It's Only a Paper Moon." Nick is an incredibly talented drone videographer and is helping push the limits of what is possible with video. You can follow Joseph McKeating on … [Read more...]

Kickstarting the Statue of Liberty


What’s old is new. Crowdfunding, micro-donations, content marketing, the sharing economy – these are some of the hottest buzzwords in the technology industry right now, but they’re just modern re-workings of old ideas. In my lectures on content marketing, for example, I always use The Furrow as a case study. Non-farmers are unlikely to have heard of The Furrow. It’s an … [Read more...]

Thinking your way out of the pre-grad panic state


As my undergraduate commencement inevitably draws nearer and nearer, I find myself in disbelief. While I consider myself to be adult-ish in that I am self-sufficient and responsible, getting a degree still seems like something that I’m not ‘old enough’ or ‘mature enough’ or ‘ready’ to do. But when I really think about it, I realize that I’ve grown up a lot more than I think I … [Read more...]