What is a journalist?


PRWeek recently asked my opinion on whether relationships with "influencers" have surpassed journalists from a branding perspective. You can read the whole piece here, if you'd like. This is the most important part of what I said: At the end of the day, it depends on how you define media. Members of the press are responsible for mass communicating information the public deems … [Read more...]


Slowness delivers a peace of mind that forces a smile. Thinking slow, talking slow, walking slow, eating slow. No better cure for a cluttered mind like mine. A slow world is an unsuitable environment for worries. It instantly bores them and they scurry away to bother other unsuspecting souls. In slowness, happiness. Maaaybeee thiiis is why tuuurtles liiive sooo looong . . . … [Read more...]


The Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto often says she'd spend her whole life dreaming if she could. Food and dreams, the two purest forms of inspiration. It's been months since my last dream, at least that I remember. Growing up I always heard that we dream every night. Most of the dreams are just immediately forgotten. Your mind's rough drafts that end up in the … [Read more...]



A sea of cubicles. The occasional office. What pride an office delivers when cubicles are the norm! This one must have something to say! What a brain he must have to safely maneuver through the daily pressure! He? There are no shes here. Not in offices, anyway. Click, click, click! Type, type, type! Enter, backspace, enter! More hours... More people... No room?... Divide that … [Read more...]

The History of History

"What is history but a fable agreed upon?," perhaps the most succinct and accurate description of our recorded time on earth, is a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. Whether or not the French emperor ever uttered those words is less significant than the fact that we've agreed the thought belonged to him. Others, quoting an astute observation by Winston Churchill, say, … [Read more...]