What Happens to Unethical Accomplices?

There is an anonymous app called Whisper. Users can anonymously post anything. For example, as a user, I could float out a message to the public that I'm lonely without anyone knowing it was me. Or that I hate my boss. Or that my boss was doing cocaine in her office at work yesterday. Or that I witnessed you making inappropriate remarks at the bar last night before driving home … [Read more...]

Honestly, it’s “honestly”

one word

After reading thousands of biographies and autobiographies, years of rigorous research, and countless interviews, Business Insider finally discovered what has stumped academics and business leaders for generations: the ONE word successful people NEVER say. According to the world's foremost authority on everything successful people do, prefacing statements with "honestly" can … [Read more...]

NYU Lecture Notes

(Some notes I put together to prepare for a lecture I gave at NYU... Figured I might as well share them) Department of Strategic Communication, Marketing & Media Management Master of Science, Integrated Marketing October 20, 2014 Introduction Agency experience, Pulsar Strategy (public relations and marketing practice), Editorial IV (blog/digital media), Twined … [Read more...]

Benefits of the Corporate Journalism Model


A column in the Los Angeles Times that I criticized in PRNewser weeks ago, which rages against the qualities of corporate journalism, needs to be criticized some more. For the uninitiated, corporate journalism is the practice of corporations publishing material that resembles legitimate news reporting. Because of rapid changes in the media world — fewer journalists plus more … [Read more...]

Watching You Whisper

Two months ago, in a post titled “Should Sources Whisper?,” I called into question the ethics of sourcing stories using anonymous leads. I specifically focused on the anonymous app Whisper, which had recently developed partnerships with news outlets (however loose that term has become) including BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post. The Guardian dealt a potentially fatal blow to … [Read more...]