The Brothers Ego

Common sense, noted Henri Bergson, is fatiguing. Along with every other aspect of our waking lives, common sense requires effort. Conversing requires effort. Nourishment requires effort. Abiding by social norms requires effort. Even relaxation, a seemingly effortless state, requires us to tap into the entirety of our experience, our respective banks of consciousness, in order … [Read more...]

Bar Top

Elbow touches rounded end of the bar, arm is flat and faces straight ahead, hand is open. Distressed reclaimed oak meets chipped cloudy marble at the fingertips. Aluminum grate with serrated surface at the end of the marble catches runoff beer. Untouched lemons and limes sit in a wire basket. Peeler with a hollow rubber handle balances delicately atop the fruit. … [Read more...]

Runaway Thoughts

There are days when my thoughts and my ability to speak – clearly, that is, to articulate what I want to say – are out of sync. On the receiving end of my ramblings are patient, encouraging nods. Chins jut out further, closer to me, the longer I swerve recklessly through traffic, missing exits, holding on for dear life, hoping I make it to my final destination in one piece. … [Read more...]

What is a journalist?


PRWeek recently asked my opinion on whether relationships with "influencers" have surpassed journalists from a branding perspective. You can read the whole piece here, if you'd like. This is the most important part of what I said: At the end of the day, it depends on how you define media. Members of the press are responsible for mass communicating information the public deems … [Read more...]